2019 – Sept. 6, 7, 8

The 2019 Festival will be September 6, 7, 8.
Preliminary schedule will be posted soon.

See you there.

First we want to thank everyone that came out to the Festival Friday and Saturday, despite the rain.
We really appreciate your support.

Next we want to thank everyone that helped us today. Those that brought tractors, trucks, ATVs,
boats, etc. I was waist deep in water with food vendors, that even after their own food trailers were saved, waded back into the water to help save others trailers and campers. People drove their personal tractors in to help save others trucks and trailers. A local church brought us fresh pizzas and drinks.
Someone delivered sandwiches and cookies. People waded in, pushing boats, to remove everything from the vendor tents.
To all these people and those keeping the traffic away so we could work, a GIANT THANK YOU!

Thank you to AEP for quickly restoring the town’s power.
Thank you to the Red Cross for bringing warm soup and sandwiches.
Thank you to Ricer Equipment for saving so many with your tractor.

While this was a very saddening experience, and we are very sorry for all the loss and damage incurred, it was a bonding experience for our community, our friends and family. It was a testament to the strength and fortitude of small town America.

With that said, Sept. 6,7,8 2019!

(ATV raffle, and others to be drawn at a later date, all tickets were saved!)